Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Saturday at Unnati's School

So another weekend had come for volunteers!!!

But it was a typical school day for the children of Unnati. So we thought of making it fun for the children. Afterall, going to school should also means fun.

A Saturday at Unnati's School............!

So here comes another weekend for the volunteers!!!

But it was a typical school day for the children of Unnati. So we thought of making it fun for the children. Afterall going to school should also means fun!!!

So the day starts with who all can recite poems.

One needs confidence to speak in front of everyone!!!

Even I don't hesitate in coming forward!!!

Here the drawing session begins for the children. All want to show their creative skills. No theme is given to them. Everyone starts drawing according to their wish.

I can draw really well; just give me some time to finish!!!

Some younger children just want to do the coloring. So they ask their teacher to give them something to color :)

Teacher, please give me some drawings to fill with colors!!!

My name is Priya, and what is yours??

Everyone is busy with their work!!!

See I can read this book!!!

Given the right kind of environment to learn, along with some guidance and encouragement can do wonders for the education of these children. Every child needs proper nurturing to grow up as a competent individual.

I want to fill this drawing with so many colors!!!

I want to ride on this school bus!!!

Will I get a "good" for my work?? Please tell me teacher!!!

Want to meet my friends??

Meet my new friends at school!!!

We girls are no less than boys!!!

Whose smile is the best??

Can you see my "close-up" smile at behind??

Even I want to be in the photo along with these kids!!!

Time for a group photo.......Say Cheese!!!!

How is my drawing??

And how is this one??

Which is the best one??

An online drawing exhibition!!!

We had a great time with the children at their school. It was reminiscent of our own school days too.

We all should try a little from our side to enable education for the children, for whom going to school otherwise just remains a dream. A little bit of time from our weekly schedules and some fund raising on a regular basis for running such initiatives can help in starting hundreds of such schools across India. Let's not wait to do it when we will get some more time, when we will be a bit free, when we will go to this place, when the things will seem right!!! Let's start the change from where we are.........We will be able to find the time...........Things will get right........Let's be the change we want to see..........!


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Unnati at its best!!!

A view from inside..

Can you see how happy these kids are studying in school...

They want to study... they are different... they are not the ones who want to spend their life picking rags...

They are just like us..

Have you ever seeen a hand like this...

This picture is drawn by 'Hansa', a very good student and an innocent girl at Unnati. You would always see her similing in the classroom.

She wants to fill everything with colors..

Here she comes...
This is our teacher :)

She reminds me of my Hindi teacher. I was very afraid of her in school.
When i visited the classroom at Unnati for the first time, she looked at me and I couldn't stop gazing at her and I felt like she would say "Deepak!!! where were you, I don't know how many times i have told you to write clearly, when are you going to learn"

But she is good :) bach gaya

Did you see that...

Commitment of these kids!!

They have came up with their own ways to come to school. I also felt like cycling... it would be fun!! :)

I am bored of bikes :(

Now look at her, she would be half of my size and see her dedication...

These children really want to study.... they want to be like us!!
Shouldn't we help them...

Friday, May 4, 2007

First day at School for children of Unnati !!!

Last Saturday, i.e. April 28th was the scheduled day for the inauguration of school at Unnati. The volunteers had gathered there by 9:30 a.m. Sumanji (children's new teacher) had also come along with her husband. First we had to go inside the basti to gather the children for the class. It seemed that many of the children had forgotten during the week passing by that they had to get ready for the school!!!

We tried to gather as many children as possible. Some were feeling a bit reluctant while some were very excited. Many of the children told they will get ready in few minutes. We had to convince few children to come with us. Some of them asked where the class is, how they will go etc etc. We were a bit worried as how the children would go in the scorching heat. Immediately few of the elder children suggested that they will take their Redhi (the rickshaw used to carry goods) with them and the younger children sat in a group in that. (Now that's called best use of the resources available !!!)

In half an hour we all went to the classroom. We then arranged the different things we had bought for the classroom. Also Lord Saraswati's photo was arranged on the table for Puja. Meanwhile all the children had gathered in the new classroom. Few were making lot of noises. But still they were far more disciplined in front of their teacher. Then we had a small prayer session where all children recited the prayer along with Sumanji. After that we distributed sweets among the children. Few of people living in that area who were passing by asked us as what was happening there and we explained them that we have started a new classroom for children.

Then Sumanji first took attendance of the children who had come there. After that, she started with the teaching basic alphabets to children while the volunteers were helping in managing the children. Many of the children they were taking a good interest. Few of the children had already gone to their schools in villages and they were more eager to come forward and show what they know. But most of the children among them had never gone to school. For them, this was for the first time a classroom experience. The fans in the room were a lot helpful in offsetting the effect of summer. Nearby a bucket filled with water along with glasses was kept for the children if they felt thirsty.
After studying for sometime children were getting a bit restless. Moreover, since it was the first day we expected that it would be the case. Meanwhile, Sachin and Pratik had also brought few old clothes which we had collected earlier and we distributed it among the children. We told the children that they would need to come to class daily from Monday onwards. We also told them that they would be getting stationeries to use if they would come to classroom regularly. Finally the children and volunteers departed around 11 o'clock.

Now we need to ensure that we are able to successfully run this school for children. Such a classroom means that even these children won't be deprived of education, though in a bit informal way. What is more important that they should also be able to read and write and move ahead in life, so that their future doesn't remain dismal just because their parents couldn't afford to send them to school.