Saturday, October 24, 2009

Siemens team visits Disha

Today, the 15th of October 2009, just two days before the festival of lights, a ray of light penetrated the rusted window panes of Disha, a school for under privileged children in Jharsa village of Gurgaon, run by AID Gurgaon, in the form of Siemens’ Caring Hands. The school which has only one class room with about 50 children who are taught in two slots by Ms. Poonam is grand in its dream and vision. The children have begun to dream after 8 months of receiving education. The star kid, Papiya, wishes to become a teacher some day. Papiya is instantly noticed because of her brimming confidence and an uncontrollable mouth. Siemens came with almost a 50 plus team to tour the school and at the end of the day, all of them knew the star kid.

The Siemens team brought in food packs from Haldiram’s and provided the children with necessary stationary items. The children were immensely excited in front of the camera and smiled wide for the flash. The children performed a number of songs and received loud accolades. The best moment of the day was when Ms. Menu of Siemens asked the children to participate in a role play. She asked them to become her teacher and make her learn the English alphabets. Our little children proved to be good teachers and MS. Menu had a great learning session.

Siemens’ Caring hands will provide Disha with volunteers for the coming one year. These volunteers will be involved in a number of modules that have been designed to provide the children knowledge beyond the classroom subjects. Their one year commitment with Disha will help the school grow and prosper. This ray of light will surely brighten many more minds and give our students ek nayi disha. 

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