Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Volunteer need for Community Connect visit near Sec-45, Kanhai Village, Gurgaon

Project : Shiksharth
Number of Volunteer Required : 20-30

1. Volunteers are required to make an effort to beautify the school with plantation and levelling. We would like to have activity day once a week, preferably saturday or sunday for this. Starting at 11 and could last for 2-3 hours.
2. Water tank to be installed as it is required for water usage in toilet. Funds required for the first 2 activities.
3. Monitoring the kids enrolled in the school.
4. Mentoring them and connect to their parents.
5. Curriculum development.


Shiksharth is running properly from the last 2 weeks. Developments in the last 2 weeks are as follow:

A permanent teacher has been appointed and to assist her ‘Mathangi’ and ‘Mrs Grover’ (retired principal) provide their service daily.

Following items are arranged for the school.

1 Black Board
2 chairs
Bamboo Chik to cover the gallery where school is running (see attached pics)
20 Slates for Kids
Carpets, etc.

Some tracking of children is already done by Mrs. Grover and Mathangi..
Some land leveling work has already been started on Sarpanch's orders.
Talked to Gardener of the adjacent park and he would help us in grass and tree plantation in school. 

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  1. Hi all the members and volunteers of AID Gurgaon,
    It is amazing to see the compulsion within each of you to believe in action rather than choosing the path to show anger , hatred to the politician and finding a way out to get away from the accountability and responsibilty . I am really fascinated to see thar there so many minds around who can think and react to a problem inpursuit of a solution . I want to engage myself in the endeavour led by you people and be part of the journey to make our nation pollution-free and the most preferable destiney to live in .
    with best wishes
    Sanjay dey