Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shiksharth – A new AID-Gurgaon initiative

It's been now more than one month that our new educational centre 'Shiksharth' has started. During this initial one month we faced many challenges around infrastructure, water for sanitation, kid's turnaround, kids tracking, teacher monitoring, etc. However, we have managed to overcome most of the issues today. Below are the key areas of our focus:

We have already taken some measures to improve the infrastructure while some others are in the consideration.

  • Since the school is running in the open gallery so we have arranged a bamboo chit wall to block the wind from one side.
  • Purchased 2 plastic chairs, Black Board, locks, stationary, etc.
  • Resolved drinking water problem.Resolved sanitation water problem.
  • Resolved electricity problem.

Going forward for couple of months our priority will be ground leveling and tree
plantation. Ground leveling work has been started and tree plantation drive
is schedule in February.

Currently around 30 kids are coming regularly in the school and we are committed to increase the numbers of kids once the weather gets normalized. We are in process of tracking the mental level and development of the kids. We are starting the process to connect with the parents of kids who are coming to 'Shiksharth'. Since we are not enrolling more kids currently so we have postponed the community connect program till the end of February. AID-Gurgaon volunteer, Mathangi, is coming regularly to assist the teacher. Moreover, she is the prime coordinator for the new volunteers willing to join us at 'Shiksharth'. She is in continuous touch with kids and teacher and always trying to monitor their performance and the needs. Recently Mansi Saxena has joined us in our initiative.

Self-Sustainability Initiative
Recently, we have started a campaign 'Donate your Newspaper' in order to raise the funds. We are hopeful that this initiative will help us in creating awareness around our school and also sensitizing people regarding their social responsibility.

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