Thursday, January 28, 2010

Republic Day Celebration at Shiksharth

The Republic Day celebration at Shiksharth was the first event hosted there since the school started about two months back. Naturally, there was much excitement coupled with nervouness in the morning air of 26th. All the volunteers gathered at the school and went about making last minute preparations for the function, while the students huddled together practicing 'Saare Jahan Se Accha'.

The students of Shiksharth were soon joined by children from 'Suparna Ka Angan', an NGO run by Suparna ji who hoisted the flag and said a few words of encouragement to the children. Others guests present were Mr.S.P. Singh and Commander Gupta who also shared their thoughts and words with the children. Mrs.Grover, who is a retired school principal and is actively involved at Shiksharth, engaged the children in a patriotic song.

The flag hoisting ceremony and national anthem were followed by a patriotic song presented by students in tandem with a couple of volunteers. A talent show was presented where the children came forward and presented poems and patriotic songs to loud clapping and cheering from their parents and us volunteers. One of the most regular students of the school, Hrithik, was awarded a prize for 100% attendance record.

The sports activities that followed were greatly enjoyed by both participants and the audience; our little event pulled quite a crowd from the adjoining Ramleela ground where the villagers were celebrating Republic Day in their own 'a little too loud' spirit. :) The race were conducted at the back lawn of the school. The children participated in running race, lemon and spoon race and balloon race. The enthusiam of the kids was so infectious that soon it spread to us too and we had a lemon and spoon race as well. :)

Once the children had settled down after the race, prizes were distributed to the winners; sweets and biscuits were distributed to all the children present. The day came to a close with all the volunteers posing together for pictures alongside children and the teacher.

All in all, the day turned out to be simply unforgettable for me and I am sure for the rest of the volunteers too.

Deepak, Nitin, Mohit, Kanika, Piyush, Kunal, Tapas, Mohit Grover, Pretik, Pooja, Mansi and Divya - Thank you so much for all the efforts you guys put into making this event a success.


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  1. It was amazing experience that day ,

    thanks everybody for making day and event special and successful :-)

    All the best Guys !!!