Sunday, September 20, 2009

AID Gurgaon Community Connect 20th Sept. 2009

On his first AID Gurgaon Community Visit Harsimran says: Today was my first interaction with the families of the kids who come to Unnati and Disha to study. We went to the homes of these children, met them and their parents, listened to their problems and requested all the basti residents to continue sending their kids to school. We were welcomed with bright eyes and smiling faces. Children dragged chairs for us to show their hospitality towards us. We told them that we did not need any chairs and that all we needed was their faith in us. It was a wonderful feeling to get love in return for the love we shower upon them. What more we could have asked for? The parents were equally supportive. After the constant efforts of volunteers and regular teachers, they have realized how important it is in today’s world to educate their kids. We went to three bastis and the response was enthusiastic everywhere. I look forward to more of such visits!

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