Thursday, September 17, 2009

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Give back to the Community

Does your company need help in drafting your (Corporate Social ResponsibilityCSR policy ?
Does your company need help in identifying NGOs which are doing some genuine work at the grassroots ?
Are you looking for a collaboration with an NGO in Gurgaon ?

If yes, you have reached the right place on the web !
Over the years, AID Gurgaon (a volunteer driven organization) has been providing valuable inputs to companies in adopting CSR best practices free of cost.
What can you do ?
1. Support an underprivileged community e.g. support our community learning centres in different parts of Gurgaon. Join our Adopt a Community Program.
2. Engage your employees in giving back to the society through AID Gurgaon's Corporate Volunteers Program.
3. Signup for AID Gurgaon's Payroll Giving Program and make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

OUR USP : Low admin costs & low eco-footprint as we are a volunteer driven organization
Please note that AID Gurgaon works closely with AID Delhi and AID Noida chapters and are collectively known as AID National Capital Region (NCR). You may visit to know more about our NCR wide activities.
Contact us to know more.

You may refer to
for guidelines on making CSR reports.

Check out an overview of AID NCR activities.

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