Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rendezvous in Metropolitan Gurgaon

AID Gurgaon had their first monthly Volunteer Meet on Sunday, September 13, 2009 in Metropolitan Gurgaon. This meet was held to introduce new volunteers to the group, impart the grassroot-level knowledge of the ongoing projects to the new diverse and motivated pool of talent to help them identify the causes and channelize their approaches to combat the challenges.

The team began with small games to ensure that a good level of familiarity is established amongst the volunteers followed by lunch and the discussions over the proposed G2 campaign, development of the students in the educational centers Disha and Unnati, need for special attention to the RSEP students, ways of improvement in the quality of education and to explore the scope of more interaction with the parents to gather in-depth knowledge of their community and expectations, which could facilitate AIDers not just to provide a tailored solution for each kid but also help them find ways to improve the adult literacy and professional expertise. Besides work, the session was enriched with moments of leg-pulling and laughter. In a nutshell, the meeting was a blend of work and masti.

- Neindeep

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  1. The picture reminded me of the first meet of AID Gurgaon :)

    It happened in a very similar manner.